Nationwide Vehicle Delivery Services

When selling a vehicle, it’s important to the seller and the buyer that the advertised mileage is accurate. To avoid putting an extra miles on the car you’re selling, you’ll want to turn to Premature Driveaway. Our company offers convenient auto dealer transport services for car dealerships. If you are a car dealer, you know that a car’s value depreciates the moment you drive it off the lot. Don’t risk losing value on the vehicle. We’ll carefully transport it anywhere across the United States.

For those who are simply relocating to another city or state, moving one or more vehicles can not only be a hassle, it can add a significant number of miles and wear and tear. Don’t put unnecessary strain on your truck. Instead, rely on our truck transport company for vehicle delivery services in Jacksonville Beach, FL. We provide safe and professional auto delivery anywhere in the country. You’ll never worry about problems when you depend on us.

The Importance of Correct Commercial Vehicle Delivery

A commercial motor vehicle is a truck/auto or tractor-trailer with a gross weight or a registered gross weight of more than 4,500 kilograms (kg) or approximately 5 tons. A bus that seats 10 or more passengers is also considered a commercial vehicle. Compliance with commercial vehicle regulations is strictly enforced by the Ministry of Transportation and police officers, as well as through facility audits. That’s why it’s important to transport these vehicles correctly.

In addition, transportation officers and the police conduct regular inspections on commercial vehicles to ensure they are operated safely by qualified drivers. When a commercial vehicle is found in an unsafe condition that endangers other people on the highway, it may be prohibited from operating until required repairs are made.

Safe, Reliable, and Prompt Auto Delivery

If your truck or commercial vehicle is damaged in any way or you do not have a suitable driver to deliver it, contact us. We have years of experience in commercial auto and truck delivery. We’ll make sure your vehicle gets to its destination on time. We serve a wide range of customers who need vehicle delivery services for their cars, trucks, and buses.

Contact us for pricing if you’re looking to move a vehicle to another city or state. Located in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, our company transports commercial vehicles anywhere in the country.